Modular Design

  • Embedded LED lighting module
  • Excellent heat dissipative module
  • Temperature and wireless control module
  • Internal or external power supply module
  • Lamp post fastening fixture
  • Lamp casing
Embedded LED Lighting Module
  • Use CREE LED with 130lm/W
  • Use high power LED from 3W, 5W, and 10W respectively
  • Light beam angle at 150 degree
  • Clustered LED assembly generates mixed light illumination
  • Simulating sun light
  • Colour temperature from 2700k-6000k
  • Colour rendering index >90RA
  • No colour temperature, luminous flux and voltage fluctuation problem
  • No glares, and double shadow defects
  • Reflective optical design, coupled with flat clear anti UV glass
  • Partial LED defect do not cause lighting deterioration and can not be detected with eye view
  • LED lighting decay less than 2% at 3000 working hours
  • Fill with nitrogen to prevent oxidation
  • Luminous efficiency >90 lm/W
Temperature Control Module
  • Continuous monitor LED junction temperature and control within its specified working range to maximize LED performance and prolong life span.
  • Automatically monitor ambient temperature and control power input to avoid LED overheating problems
Excellent Heat Dissipative Module
  • Dissipate heat swiftly and continuously maintain LED junction <80oC
  • Minimize light decay at <2% per 3000 working hour
  • Maximize LED performance and brightness
Power Supply Module
  • Coupled with intelligent power monitoring design
  • Can be installed inside or outside the lamp
  • CE certified
  • Power up in pre-set 1% to 5% increment
  • Power down in pre-set 1% to 5% decrement
  • Optional pre-programmable power saving design with 5 stage intervals
    - 360 min (6 hours) later reduce power by pre-set wattage gradually. E.g. from 180W to 150W after 6 hours, then to 130W, 110W, and 100W as shown below
  • Made of magnesium alloy material
  • Water proof with IP67
  • Dust protection
  • Resistance to level 17 wind storm
  • Optional colour available upon request
  • Coated with paint of heat dissipative property
  • Optional colour selection per customer request
Lamp Post Fastening Fixture
  • Universal design for various size and shape of post dimensions
  • Incorporate with steel cable to prevent lamp dropping to ground
  • Lamps are mounted in level with road surface, eliminating glares to distant drivers, and offer excellent light coverage on the road
Optional Wireless Remote Control System
  • Fully scalable system with no limit to the number of base stations
  • Adaptable to existing city network system
  • Fully traceable with ID number for every lamp
  • Continuous monitoring LED working temperature within specific range to ensure its performance
  • Failure notification and automatically trigger recovery service
  • Programmable lamp brightness for different time interval to maximize energy saving
  • Adaptable with camera surveillance system
Others Features
  • Lamp life span >3 years
  • Secure 3 patent reward respectively from USA, Taiwan and China
  • Obtain Taiwan CNS certified
  • Lamp weight is less than 11 Kg




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